Rememory inspects co-performing with technology and traces of usage. In the concept, the user has to help the printer to succesfully create a print. Without cooperation from the user, the printer cannot create an exact copy.

The users send their own photo to the printer and follow the usecues of the printer, communicated with LEDs. These LEDs symbolise the four layers used by the printer to form the picture. This creates understanding of how the technology works.

The front surface, made of heat sensitive Ecco Kromatafor leather, forms instant traces of usage by changing color. Over a longer time period, the leather will wear out from the spots used the most, forming long term traces of usage.

This concept is being further researched by the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, based on our work and results.

by Myrthe Büskens, Marijke De Geus, Eunyoung Go, Garry Lasamahu & Miro Virta